bath bomb


bath bomb

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Fancy a relaxing bath?

This bath bomb fizzes around unfolding the power of epsom salt, coconut oil and its natural scent. Compared to a regular foam bath, this bath tab offers many advantages for your skin health. You can enjoy a bath bomb bath just as much and it is quit as relaxing as a foam bath.

They are entirely botanical and smell wonderfully: Grasslands, Vanilla-Lavender, lemon-eucalyptus-mint or rose. Die Farben stammen ausnahmslos von heimischen Pflanzen und sind natürlich hergestellt (getrocknet und zerrieben).

Vanille-Lavender is relaxing and helps you to get a good night of sleep. Rose offers skin care and helps fight depression and fear. Envigouring and helpful for breathing is lemon-eucalyptus-mint.

One bath tab weighs about 120 g and is just right for a full bath tub.

Solltest du lieber duschen als baden, dann sieh dir gerne unsere Duschbomben an.




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Grasslands, Lavender vanilla, lemon-eucalyptus-mint, Orange ginger, rose


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