About Schumacher Horse

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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I have been an equestrian for all my life (for 40 years now) and will be as long as my horses and ponies are around. Horses always made me feel good and grounded (is that correct English?). They also asked for expert knowledge in every aspect you can think of – riding, feeding, daily routine, transportation, breeding and so forth. When I discovered dressage riding, it got even more complicated.

With my chestnut gelding I had some difficulties from early years on, as he was very sensitive with coat, mane and hooves. Trying to overcome those little and big problems, I was lucky to have some experts around who were always willing to give me their advice and happy to share their knowledge. Just with horse care products, there was no one to turn to. I knew all the products there were until 2015. Then I tried to make my own leather oil and found it worked well for me. I left out nasty chemicals and animal derived ingredients. Why should I use it? My horses looked fine, dandruff and dry skin disappeared and we don’t have any skin problems since that. This convinced me and I wanted to provide these products for other equestrians.

Therefore, you can be sure that any product in my store is 100% animal friendly and vegan.

Store natural products in a cool, dry and dark place. We recommend to use them within 6-12 months after purchase.